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Custom Leather Slip Leads, Dog Collars and Braided Kangaroo

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Collars and Leashes


All K-9 Custom Leather dog collars and leashes are handmade using only the best American-made, vegetable-tanned leathers. We have found these leathers take dye and hold tooling the best, and they provide a superior appearance and greater durability than other leathers.


Our custom dog collars start at $25. Collar prices vary depending on how you choose to accent the collar. 


Leather dog leashes start at $25 and can be designed to match or complement the collar. You can choose a leash length that best fits you and your dog.


The photos on this page show examples of various dyes, buckles, conchos, crystals, rivets and the collar size.  Many times customers ask "How many conchos should I put on my dog's collar?"  This depends on the size of the dog, but smaller dogs can wear wider collars and have at least two, 3/4 inch conchos on their collar.  The d-ring centered is real cute for the smaller dog.  Dogs with neck sizes of 14-18" can wear collars with up to three, 3/4 inch or 1 inch conchos. 19 inches  on up can wear more.



Measuring for a Collar


All K-9 Custom Leather collars are custom made. So, it is important to measure your dog carefully. A collar should be loose around the neck, but not so loose that it will slip over your dog's head.


To measure your dog for a leather collar, measure around his/her neck where the collar would rest. Use a measuring tape and pinch the tape together, then try to put it over the dog's head. If you succeed, your measurement is too big. The collar should fit securely, but it should be comfortable.


We will make your dog collar with two holes: one secure and one larger.


If you have a buckle collar that fits your dog, measure it from the buckle to the hole that fits as show in the picture below.




Measure from where the buckle and the tongue meet to the hole that fits.

This Antique Tan collar has a Standard Brass buckle and Southwest Tooling.





A full list of leather dye colors is presented on the Request a Quote page.



Buckles & Conchos


Buckles and conchos for dog collars and leashes come in many sizes, shapes and finishes and can be seen on our Buckles and Conchos page. When choosing buckles and conchos, remember to consider the size of your dog. Some can be a little heavy for small dogs, while others may be too petite for large dogs.





Since all of our work at K-9 Custom Leather is custom, there are no extra charges to make a perfect fit for your dog. Choose a style featured on this page or specify a design of your own.

Measure your dog. Then visit our Request a Quote page.


If you have any questions about measuring, collar width, leash length, or other design challenges, please send us an email. We love to help our customers design truly personalized dog collars and leashes!

Some of our favorites...
"The Leopard"
 Leopard print leather dog collar with a Amber Canyon buckle set and with two Amber Canyon conchos and a D-ring centered in the back.
Any size dog. $56
"Going Out to Dinner"
This Black leather dog collar with an
Amber Canyon buckle set has 48 Amber and Abalone Crystals.Size shown 19-20".
Medium to large size dogs. $69.
"Crystals and Turquoise"
This Saddle Tan leather collar with a Standard Brass buckle has 40 Abalone Crystals with Turquoise Rivets.Size shown 17-18"  Any size dog $45
Paws Prints
This  Dark Brown leather dog collar
 with a Amber Canyon concho has matching lead
conchos, 3/4' and 1"
Collar and lead  $70
"Blue Fish"
D-ring Centered with matching leash
This is a very nice style, d-ring centered.  The d-ring
is at the back of the collar.  You attach the leash to that d-ring and the tags are by the buckle. This style shows off the design of the collar's Amber conchos. $75

More Favorites ...




"Celtic Dragon"

This Black leather collar with a Celtic buckle set has four Celtic Dragon conchos accented with Turquoise Rivets. 
Larger dogs .$68



"The Trinity"
This Light Brown leather collar with a Standard Black-on-Silver buckle has three Celtic Dragon conchos. Any size dog. $42




This Saddle Tan leather collar with an 1 inch Angel Fire buckle set is tooled with a Southwest Design, has a Thunderbird Stamp and Turquoise Rivets. Larger dogs.  $58




"Bad to the Bone"
This Black leather collar with a 1 inch Celtic Buckle set has three Skull & Crossbones conchos.  Larger dogs. $62.



This tapered Red leather collar with a Standard Black-on-Silver buckle has 36 diamond crystals. Any size dog. $48
"The Cowboy"
Mahogany dye with the Rope Edge buckle set with 4 Angel Fire conchos.   Size shown 19-20"  Medium to large size dogs. $68


"Name on Collar"

This mahogany collar is accented with amber crystals and has the dog's name stamp on the collar and then painted in gold.

 Any size dog  $47






"Matching Belt and Collar"

The Cowboy dyed with saddle tan. 

 Medium to large size dogs