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Custom Leather Slip Leads, Dog Collars and Braided Kangaroo

~ Your Friend ~ Your Partner ~ Your Defender ~ Your Dog ~

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K-9 Custom Leather

Offering quality personalized leather dog collars, leashes and leads, slip leads and kangaroo braided leads for any size or breed of dog.

K-9 Custom Leather has been outfitting champions and beloved pets in exquisite custom-made leather accessories since 2006.


We use a variety of top quality cowhide and extraordinary supple kangaroo leathers.


Especially prized are our slip leads for lure coursing sighthounds.





We use only the best American-made, vegetable-tanned leather for a superior appearance and greater durability.


Leather can be tooled or stamped and highlighted with contrasting dyes or paint. To make truly unique dog collars, we can your dog's name or kennel onto the collar.





Your choice of lamb shearling, chap leather or leopard printed cowhide are used for the lining of slip leads and martingales.



Buckles, Conchos and Other Bling


Dog collars have the option of unique and stylish three-piece buckle sets -- some with matching conchos. Looking for jeweled dog collars? Our handmade dog collars can be beautifully accented with faux stones, quality crystals or turquoise. Pictures of these items are displayed on our Buckles and Conchos page.



Custom Orders


On these web pages, we showcase some of our more popular dog collars and leashes with color, sizing and hardware options. To make something truly special for your dog, all orders are custom made.


We are certain your final product will be a thing of beauty and a pleasure to use!


Measuring guidelines are provided on the Slip Leads and Collars & Leashes pages. An order form can be found on our Request a Quote page.



Braided Kangaroo


Known for its exceptional beauty and durability, kangaroo is one of the strongest lightweight leathers. Kangaroo leather, when braided, makes into perfect show leads  and is equally fine for taking your best friend for a walk in the park.


It's also fun to wear a necklace or bracelet that matches your dog's collar! We have expanded our braided kangaroo offerings to include jewelry.


Samples are displayed on our Braided Kangaroo page. An order form for all things kangaroo can also be found on that page.


 Dark brown collar with matching leash, paw print and the D-ring centered at the back of the collar
Jasper's blue martingale 
Sadie's tooled collar
Elsa's colar with matching leash
Kangaroo necklace with lampwork glass beads